"Somewhere" is a glistening ditty plastered with dreamworld synths and softly-lit pitched-beats. There's a fantastical, wonderland element to the tune, that serenades and seduces your senses until you're on the verge of total relaxation; just as you're slipping under, the frosty pop-fuzz guitars saunter in for an ear-tingling batch of melodic serenity. It's choppy and warped, but it's not in the slightest alienating, and probably the warmest, most soulful electronica this side of Caribou.

Speaking about the track, Sekuoia said:

"Somewhere’ took form at my show at Roskilde Festival. At that time I just finished the first demo of Waves. I used the same dusty sound from my old Spanish guitar. I enjoyed that sound so deeply, so I tried to resample it. It’s a really personal track for me, it reminds me of that exact summer, when I wrote the track. The track is made for being performed at a dazzling sunset. It felt so alive when I tried to create the song in the studio, it just had a certain “live-vibe”."

Sekuoia's Reset Heart EP is out 2 March.

Listen to "Somewhere" below. The EP's tracklist can be found afterwards.


1. Waves
2. Broke
3. Somewhere
4. Bella