Rina Sawayama caused a mild stir earlier this year with the Rina Sawayama – Sleeping In Waking " href="http://thelineofbestfit.com/new-music/song-of-the-day/watch-rina-sawayama-sleeping-in-waking-121155" class="ext-link" rel="external" target="_blank">sumptuous debut single ”Sleeping In Waking” and, just as things seemed to be taking a nice ascent, she disappeared out of view. Today, the young Londoner returns with “Terror” – a track that rebirths the solo artist as simply RIINA.

Produced by Hoost, “Terror” is lavish, sensual and – in short – fucking huge. Building slowly with a cocksure confidence, the chorus erupts against a hard hitting bouncy backdrop. Instantly enjoyable, it’s Sawayama’s digression into the minor key as she taunts “show me what you’re made of” that sets things apart and takes this quiet resurrection of a burgeoning career to the next level.

Essential listening.