Unlike the sultry, brooding electro-hip-hop that characterised “Flowers” and “Bet U Wish”, “Distraction” sees a more candid and confessional RAYE cycle through heartache, nostalgia and indifference in a bid to find the perfect distraction from her East London boy. 

The track takes a psychogeographical tour of Raye’s own London: each verse guides us through the changing faces and emotions that she associates with different areas (South, East and North), finally ending with the proclamation: “That moment that you think you’ve won/I will have found the perfect distraction.” 

Written with Fred Gibson, “Distraction” showcases an alternative side to Raye’s extraordinary songwriting. The track combines soft, distorted loops, electronics and punchy drums – all pulled together by Raye’s flawless vocals. 

Rightly so, her vocal performances are often likened to Rihanna – a trait that is particularly evident in R&B flavoured tracks such as “Hotbox”. Vocally, however, Raye comes into her own in “Distraction”, which has fantastic, darkly personal undertones. 

“Distraction” is the perfect set up for Raye’s latest EP, Back 2 The Winter. It unveils yet another string to her bow, without compromising any of her renowned soul and attitude. Speaking about the track, Raye says: ‘I just want to give everything to my music, so it can stand next to the people I love, the music that inspires me every day.’

The Back 2 The Winter EP is out now via Polydor.