The other half, "Fallout", can be heard here.

"House On Fire" is an emotionally-charged piece of electronic pop. Reverb-drenched guitars blur into the washed-out atmospherics, and each clipping beat serves to lull you into a cleansed-mind hypnagogia. Speaking about the release and how the end of "several professional and personal relationships" affected it, Hawk explains: “I felt pressure to not collapse under my own insecurity with the situation. But with my second daughter becoming a toddler, I’ve found balancing the relationship between my work and my life increasingly difficult. It’s made me question the self-indulgent nature of my music. At a particularly low moment I trashed the entire album I had spent much of the past year working on.”

You can pre-order the AA-side "Fallout"/"House On Fire" here. It's set for release via Carpark tomorrow (31 March).

Check out "House On Fire" below.