Luke Reilly – once better known as a member of Sex Beet, now founder of PNKSLM Recordings – has been writing and performing music as Lucern Raze. Already having stirred up attentions with the riotous rush of debut single "Sunshine Blues", the new offering is something entirely different.

Enticing and inviting, "Someone Like You" is the audio equivalent of a strip tease. Tantalising into existence, sultry vocals meet bewitching refrains, and take their sweet time building with anticipation for the spectacle you know is set to follow. In this case, it arrives in the form of a deliciously raw explosion of a chorus. Through layers of blazing guitar riffs, Riley’s voice resounds “tell me if you feel it now.” Play the track below and we’re sure that you will.

Stockholm One is set for release on 25 February, and is available to pre-order now.

Stream the seductive “Someone Like You” below.