However, “Ruby” is somewhat bigger than their previous tracks - the synths are bolder and vocalist Christina Wood delivers some breathy pop-chart warbling to match. 

From the start, the song appears to be drawing on lavish '80s influences with a pairing of electro sounds that strays from subtlety. Think snare slaps with a hint of reverb combined with a single, low-pitched synth line. Wood’s voice, a blend of reedy folk and soul tones, compliments the bare-bones arrangement in the verses. As “Ruby” unfolds Cicely Goulder (production and keys) ensures that things don’t get formulaic by incorporating a few variations on the song’s established themes - dreamy chords in the latter third are a vital addition. Goulder’s knack for electro flourishes keeps Kaleida’s minimal approach from ever sounding anemic. In fact, “Ruby” is so pristine that it almost registers as a guilty pleasure.

Think is set for release on 6 April.