The original's a starry piece of '80s dream-pop by a trio of Madrid-born, Brooklyn-based sunseekers. Mathy guitars and trippy synths all coalesce to create a dramatic piece of pop, and Delorean take the emotional essence and electro core into the heart of their rework. The result is a heady, Balearic-beat piece of electronica, with dancefloor beats and ambient harmonies, that'll send you to a plateau of chill, even if things get stressful.

Gold Lake's Carlos del Amo explains how the remix makes them feel:

"Both Delorean and Gold Lake, we’re from Spain. And in some way, that sunshine, the light, the sun, the good weather make us share similar elements and feelings. Even though our styles are very different, that light and Summer-feel could be something we share. We wrote Lovers during a cold winter in Brooklyn, but the sea was always present in our minds. We received the remix from them on a chilly Autumn evening, while we were on tour in Canada, where it was already quite cold, and it instantly made the sun shine in our hotel room, bringing back memories of the Summer that had so recently left us."

Stream the "Lovers" remix below.