What you know about DJ Koze? Destroying our understanding of what’s good and right in the world, DJ Koze debuted another single filled with worldly beats that pairs erratic bouts of freedom with meticulously managed restraint off his Amygdala LP which drops next week.

There are producers who do great work melding beats and pieces into melodies and progressions, but then there are those who push sounds even further, breaking down preconceived notions of what we will allow ourselves to think and feel, progressing music forward and essentially creating a new way of looking at music in the process. DJ Koze is one of those producers.

When we introduced readers to DJ Koze last month we brought you the first single, Track ID Anyone? off Amygdala, which featured Caribou. We described the genius of DJ Koze’s efforts as “Delving into the deepest realms of what it means to feel something, touching on nostalgic reference points, experimental moods that drift through dancefloors of the future, and unabashedly garnering your full attention, Amygdala performs the ultimate one man show of the most magnificent proportions.”

We weren’t kidding. To try to even explain his latest single with features Ghostly International’s Matthew Dear would to be doing it an injustice, you have need to listen. The world is not ready for DJ Koze’s Amygdala, but don’t worry, Best Fit is here to guide you every step of the way.