The Dublin three-piece - Daniel McAuley (vocals), Brendan Jenkinson (guitars/piano) and Rory O’Connor (bass) - build this track from its cool, calm beginnings into an epic cacophony of noise that feels something like the lovechild between Sigur Ros and Wild Beasts.

The blend of McAuley’s piercingly beautiful falsetto, increasingly chaotic, relentless percussion and an inspired brass section ensures this teaser is impossible to ignore. It is a brilliantly organised and moreish sonic mess and begs to be returned-to.

Everything’s in “Sync” here and if this first outing is anything to go by, we can expect pretty special things to come from Cloud Castle Lake.

Cloud Castle Lake’s ‘Dandelion’ EP is out 22 September and is available to pre-order on 12” vinyl via Happy Valley Records.