Elste, hailing from (and based in) Paris, has already garnered comparisons to frosty-pop swooner Lana Del Rey and the effortless cool of Summer Camp. The original demo of "Virtualism" hit our ears and instantly impressed: Drive OST-slick electronics, pop culture nods galore, and Elste's own sweetly-apocalyptic coo all blended into one glorious brew.

The rework keeps the brilliant lyrics - "drinking 40s, playing GTA/drinking 40s, I stole some baseball cards" - but laces the production with a sense of controlled chaos. The electronics are grander, the beats punchier, and when the East India Youth-style breakdown erupts, you'll understand why she wanted to take this one back into the studio for some tinkering.

Speaking about the cut, Elste said that it's about “my generation, seen from the future. I wanted to write a vintage song about out present times.” 

Elste played our new music showcase, the Best Fit Five Day Forecast, in January. More shows are expected soon.

Check out the new version of "Virtualism" below.