The Norwich girls Rosa and Jenny are continuing to impress and bewilder the music world over with their strange use of soundscapes and the honesty of their lyricisms. Signed to Transgressive Records at the tender of 16 and 17 respectively, 2016 has propelled these two pop starlets to dizzying heights far above the usual trials and tribulations of normal 16 year old girls, most impressively: a sold out London show at The Forge on Monday 21st March. Fortunately Let’s Eat Grandma are anything but normal which they demonstrate so beautifully in their latest release "Sink".

Given the title and the nature of the duo one would assume the track would be more akin to sinking in a quagmire of sludgy synths and high pitched wails. Fortunately, "Sink" engulfs the listener in a hazy cocoon of angelic vocals and brooding electro production; like a Wiccan sacrificial ritual at a children's birthday party. Both disturbing and awe-inspiring in equal measure, Let’s Eat Grandma manage to unlock a chilling honesty with their innocence, something which most adult musicians spend their entire lives trying to find.

"Sink" the B-side to debut single "Deep Six Text Book" is available to stream now. A coloured vinyl featuring both tracks is available to pre-order, available on March 18th.

- Aaron Powell