Having been quiet since 2017’s “Stay Away”, Kyler Slater breaks the silence with his third single, placing the lyrical spotlight squarely on the pain of feeling inadequate in relationships, be it with himself or a lover. With candour and vulnerability, he confesses: “I actually do believe that I am not enough, and that’s a shame”.

Slater draws parallels between this mindset and wounds he's carried from his destructive youth spent in and out of homelessness with an abusive father and a drug-addicted mother, along with doubts he faces in his current relationship: “I wish that I could love you better / I never knew how much to give”.

Slater’s introspective lyricism makes the track bleed with feeling, fuelling the brooding nature of the dark sonic atmosphere produced by Nick Pengree (eaunoir). A whirling guitar riff works in hypnotic motion with subtle, distorted synths and bass undertones. The track’s somber and icy mood is minimal yet intense, leaving you hanging onto every word as Slater works through his torments.

“It’s a song based on feelings that I’ve had at the darkest times,” Slater explains. “Feelings that I made myself feel, that other people made me feel, it's about feeling like whatever you are or achieve, it's just never, ever, enough”. Pitched up and haunting falsettos burst to mimic this angst, following the ghostly chorus where he repeatedly admits “I wanna give you all of me”. Regardless, we can’t wait for him to give us more.

“Not Enough” is out now. Find Kyler Slater on Facebook.