"'Feel It All' is about this specific period where she was emotionally numb," de Jonge continues. "Unfortunately she would come to find her suspicions weren’t a figment of her imagination. The track refers to a longing to feel emotion after a period of nothing. You want to feel it all: the good stuff, the bad stuff, everything and anything, even if that means risking hurting in the end."

Whilst the track's inspiration may not be the most uplifting, its propulsive vibrancy provides a compelling contrast to de Jonge's lyrical vulnerability, harking to turn-of-the-decade indie-pop outfits in its unapologetic drive and reverberating guitar. The Netherlands-based artist credits the unusual environment of his home in Doorn Huis, the final home (and resting place of) Wilhelm II, Germany’s last Kaiser. He describes the location as "like winning the lottery" in terms of the fount of inspiration its rich artistic history provides.

"Feel It All" will be featured on Kita Menari's upcoming EP Finally Awake, due out 11 April. It follows the success of previous singles "Pretty Sure" and "Young Lovers", both of which found viral reach on streaming services and blog aggregators.

"Feel It All" is out 22 February.