It's not until 50 seconds into "Aerial" that Spencer breaks through building instrumentation with a contrastingly delicate vocal contributed by London singer Cici Jack. Beneath it, thunderous beats set in to drive the track towards an almost frantic chorus. Its menacing enormity is at odds with the gorgeously serene outro; another intruigingly realised sonic juxtaposition. Spencer's awesome command of production wizardry allows him to construct a diverse range of entirely unique soundscapes with elements familiar – popular, even – in much current electronic music.

"Aerial" arrives with an appropriately space-age video. Many of the visual's clips are footage from an aerial drone, providing a dizzying perspective on the land- and cityscapes captured within it. It's the perfect accompaniment to the track's mind-bending intensity – though we won't downplay any risk of drone-induced motion sickness!

"'Aerial' first started as a soundtracking piece I did for an aerial drone video on Vimeo," Spencer explains of the track's origin. "I liked it but didn’t think anything of it until I sent it to my email pen pal friend Gille Kalbin who is a director from US currently about to release his first directorial debut 'The Wave'."

"Aerial" is out 15 March, and is the first single to be taken from Spencer's forthcoming album.