The Teesside-born ex-Chapman Family frontman offers a snapshot into this world with the video for new track "Lovers", premiering today on Best Fit. The soaring song will be the first physical release for Chapman with new band The Murder on legendary indie Too Pure and adds more colour to the talented singer/songwriter's new project.

"The whole way through the making of 'Lovers', Kingsley kept saying “let’s not let this turn into a music video” which I must admit was as unnerving as it was exciting," explains director Matt Fodor. "I found myself having to quiet the little voice in the back of my mind that kept telling me that going to a run down amusement arcade and shooting footage of a bunch of mates having a day out at the seaside was not how people make music videos, but by the time it was all edited together and I was left with this Martin Parr feeling Cinéma vérité footage I was completely sold on the idea."

"Simplicity it turns out is not something to be afraid of but something that should be embraced."

Chapman adds: "I've been to these arcades hundreds of times as a boy so to go back with my wonderful new band was special. I didn't want the music video to overly compliment the song in an literal or obvious sense, I wanted it to mirror the bands ethic of togetherness, friendship and tatty glamourous rebellion."

"The worst thing I think we could have done for our debut video would have been to have a load of miserable goths wandering mournfully around a barren industrial apocalyptic landscape....saving that for the next one, obviously." 

Kingsley Chapman and The Murder's "Lovers" is released on Too Pure on 31 July.