Los Angeles-via-Georgia singer/songwriter Katelyn Tarver emerges with her heartfelt single, “All Our Friends Are Splitting Up.” A follow-up to her previous release “Shit Happens,” the latest endeavor is lifted off Tarver’s forthcoming LP Subject to Change.

On “All Our Friends Are Splitting Up,” Tarver conjures up a breathy vocal delivery paired with an understated, graceful production. It’s a yearning type of song, capturing vulnerability and intimacy at the same instance. The marriage between folk-pop and indie-rock is evident, but beyond sonic descriptions the song brings forth many feelings. It’ll have you reflecting upon past relationships and thinking about the ones that deserved to be fought for just a little harder. It's embedded with honesty and sensitivity as it sheds light on rediscovering your identity amongst the confusion and exhaustion.

“This song is a look at the complexities of a long term relationship,” Tarver explains. “The fear that can creep up when you feel disconnected, and the realization that you can’t predict what problems you’re going to run into when you decide to spend your life with someone. All you can do is promise to stay and fight for each other when those problems feel really big.”

Co-written and produced with longtime collaborators including Davis Naish, David Arkwright and Justin Gammella (Ashe, Lennon Stella), Tarver says this of her upcoming album, "I think a lot of us go through that phase in life where you ask yourself, ‘Is this it?’ It can be so isolating and so hard to talk about, especially with social media and all the pressure to always have your shit together. Life is unpredictable."

"For all the stories of triumph and resilience, there are just as many stories of failure and getting lost. The addict relapses. The happy couple gets divorced. The one you’ve put on a pedestal lets you down. Finding the love of your life doesn’t solve your problems. You know the expression, the only way out is through? These songs are me making my way through. Giving myself permission to not have the answers. Letting myself feel it all. The pain, the joy, the confusion, the bittersweet in-between...I learned that uncertainty can be an open door. And that change is a constant invitation I want to learn to accept."

Katelyn Tarver’s album Subject to Change is out 15 October. “All Our Friends Are Splitting Up” is out now via Compliments Only. Follow Katelyn Tarver on Instagram.