"Silver Haze" is a glittering slice of pop, perfect for these long summer days – it sounds how reading in the sun or riding with the windows down feels. It's driven by the gentle chug of guitar, and laced with a set of very 80s-feeling vocals that manage to envelop the listener in its mellow warmth. However, despite the track's laid-back appeal, Julietta admits "Silver Haze" sprung from a far more hectic time in here life.

"I wrote 'Silver Haze' this winter with Ross Pryce Clark/Rossy Ross when I was working as a cocktail waitress at a lounge/club on Madison Avenue," The job was really intense and at times degrading. I worked super late hours and for a week straight didn't get paid for many hours of work, because the bar just opened and was free for customers. It's rough working in the club world, it was my first experience and probably the last – a real hustle to make some cash! 'Silver Haze' came about during that time; all I wanted to do was escape the situation I was in and get high. I had no time to enjoy life and the New York dark winter was getting to me. But hey, now we got this track and I love it!"

"Silver Haze" is out now, found on the Smooth Sailing EP.