"American Nightmare" sees JØUR flip the age-old concept of the American Dream on its head, pitting the picket-fence dream she'd so long indulged against the current state of affairs across the pond. "When I wrote this song I was really intrigued by the idea that we always portray the American Dream as this beautiful amazing thing. But we never stop to consider – what if we get the dream and it turns out to be a nightmare we can't escape? I'd never heard anyone ask that question before," she explains. Far from hoping to make America great again, JØUR wonders if the America everyone's been sold ever even existed in the first place.

The lyrical concept behind "American Nightmare" is buoyed by a delicate yet turbulent synth-led backdrop. Drawing on the same grandiose old Hollywood feel of Lana Del Rey, crossed with the glittering electro-pop and punchy beats of outfits such as CHVRCHES, JØUR knows the recipe for an addictive track, yet still manages to keep things understated. The result is an intriguing, reflective take on the inescapable themes of our 2018 existence coupled with an expectant wait for this artist's next releases.