The song holds all the characteristics of a sickening love song, constantly veering on the edge of being corny without actually being corny. Instead, it is a strong yet simple Americana ode to infatuation that is full of heart and has an air about it that encourages us all to not take life too seriously.

"Got To Me Since" is built around a simple refrain and is embellished with beautiful lyrics that carry an utterly charming quirkiness. Izaak Opatz is himself from Montana and works in a lot of National Parks, and in many ways that campfire singalong attitude just swims through the whole simplicity of the song, only making it all the more endearing.

The track comes from Opatz's upcoming album, entitled Mariachi Static, which is being re-released on Mama Bird Recording Co. on 20 July.

"Got To Me Since" is available to listen to on Spotify.