The track is immersive in its scope: celestial dreampop vocals are only made more enticing when immersed in a sea of guitar fuzz and post-punk rhythms. The band’s first two releases - the full-length Stop Being on My Side and the Just Like Lovers EP - established their knack for toying with shoegaze motifs. Nowadays, Infinity Girl is putting some darker tendencies on display. The juxtaposition of noise and lush melodies on “Firehead” is both distinctive and unexpected.

According to guitarist and vocalist Nolan Eley, the song is a commentary on urban isolation and the “typical anxieties of an introvert, which, if they weren’t already glaringly obvious to me, became painfully unavoidable after moving to New York.”

Infinity Girl’s sophomore LP, Harm, will be released 28 August. Check out “Firehead” below.