While her recent track “Tra$h Can Luv” was a catchy Summer Camp-meets-Olivia Newton John bop over 90s signature tinny drum beats, on her new cut “Forever / Whatever”, Alex Cameron's tour-mate Holiday Sidewinder plays to her retro brand and adds an edgier Elastica slant over rippling synths.

While her aesthetic exudes glam nostalgia, her sentiment is anything but dated. Her droll lyrics take a swipe at the assumption that a nuclear family is the culmination of happiness, singing of white picket fences and four-wheel drives.

“In the back of a cab, talking about a new flame... my bud, Jack Ladder, said 'maybe it will be forever' to which I replied 'or whatever',” explains Holiday Sidewinder. “The narrative we’re sold over and over - that buying a house, having children and finding 'the one' is the end-game achievement/adult pinnacle that brings us contentment - doesn’t work for me. It’s obviously outdated, but still lingers in the back of most people’s minds when negotiating aspirational feelings and decision making.

“Projecting a future/end point on to any relationship can be counterproductive and cause people a lot of unnecessary stress, pain and woe. Especially if they feel like they’re failing. Being present and embracing love and the potential/probable pain, vulnerability and lack of control that comes with that... is 'Forever / Whatever'. Both work. All lead to the same end - death. So Enjoy!”

“Forever / Whatever” is out now. Find Holiday Sidewinder on Facebook.