Titled "Heart Beating", SHELLS' new single sees her magpie-like approach to genre crystallise into something falling more into the pop camp. There are still elements that nod to her previous dabbling in shadowy R&B sounds and bright folk, but for the most part "Heart Beating" channels a radio-friendly sweetness into an upbeat, propulsive chorus. Playfully layered vocals dance duets in harmony over resonant percussion, telling the bittersweet story of a relationship that's no longer functioning as it should.

"'Heart Beating' is about a relationship that hasn’t worked out but love remains. It was written in South Africa on a song-writing camp in association with Star for Life," SHELLS explains.

Star for Life is a non-profit organisation operating in over 100 schools in southern Africa. They exist to support young people in living an AIDS-free life and help them to realise their dreams of success.

"Heart Beating" is out now.