Erratic bursts of percussion, guitars wailing like distant sirens, and jittery electronics all congeal together to make a bedrock for HAUS' frontman Ashley Mulimba to belt across. "Shameless" is an excursion packed with confidence and power that sees HAUS leap to another level - it's a mood-boosting, fist-pumping track with one of the biggest indie-pop choruses in recent memory.

"I wrote this song whilst I was going through a hard time with anxiety," says Mulimba of the track. "It affected my sleep, my social skills and my relationships. I've always felt a strange pressure due to being one of the only black kids that played music, wore skinnies, and skated in my area. For as long as I can remember I've always been told to 'dress/act more black' or that I listened to the wrong music - in some weird way I liked it, and the rebellion felt empowering, but during this period I felt vulnerable on stage rather than powerful. I'd place myself in other people minds rather than concentrate on my performance."

Duncan Mills (Peace, The Vaccines) is on mixing duties on "Shameless", which follows the convention-averse outfit's S W Y S EP that arrived last summer.

HAUS embark on a UK tour next month, kicking off in Sheffield on 1 February and finishing in Brighton on 13 February. Find out more.

"Shameless" is out 19 January via Atlas Artists.