Known for his layered, intricate melodies and intimate songwriting, Haich Ber Na has introduced a new funk-pop-driven element to his music on "0594 Help".

"0594 Help" is Haich Ber Na's most sensory release yet, intertwining sci-fi and funk-tinged electronica with relentless percussion that juxtaposes with Haich Ber Na’s mellow vocals.

Although Haich Ber Na’s voice embodies a softness similar to the likes of Sampha and Jai Paul, the stark contrast in the instrumentation elevates the song to create a woozy, funk-pop anthem that showcases Haich Ber Na's versatility.

The new song is accompanied by a vibrant self-directed visual that elevates the funkiness of the track, and pays homage to Jamiroquai’s "Virtual Insanity".

Haich Ber Na says of the new single, "The song is about someone leaving and desperately wanting to be with them, but trying to understand ‘it’s not the end of the world’ – like the sample I use says."

Haich Ber Na’s "0594 Help" single is out now on HQI.