"Without You" is a song that sees GNGR hold on to the toxicity of a relationship that just isn't going to work out, as she yearns "I still need it / I can't be without you" over a wave of luscious beats and carefully placed synths. It delicately navigates lust, pain and all the complexities of coming to terms with a failed relationship whilst still feeling deeply emotionally involved with that person.

The track takes inspiration from 90s R&B and all the influence of the classics can be heard simmering within her intoxicating vocals and the glimmering production. Yet, the real power of the track cuts through in the soulful middle eight, where the production is stripped back to its core and GNGR's strong vocals are paired against a simple piano as she confidently begins to stand her ground, switching up the tone and showing her strength.

Speaking about the how the track came into being, GNGR explains “This song is definitely one of the favourite pieces of music I have recorded. It was the turning point, where I felt that I had really found my sound and started to create the music that I loved. The song came about very organically, and with Sampl’s beautiful production, it was very easy for me to spill out my feelings and piece everything together”

"Without You" will be released on 10 May.