Starting off as a deceptively mellow indie rock track, the riotous gang quickly bring in their distinctively punchy drums. An upbeat anthem with a sardonic edge, the track has a refreshing honesty to it which is stamped cynically in the lyrics: “I hate the thought of you / with your smile and positive attitude”.

Speaking about the track, Gaffa Tape Sandy commented that “generally as a band we try to keep spitefulness and vehemence out of our songwriting, but sometimes it seeps through and 'So Dry' is a result of that leak.

“We don’t really like arguing as a whole, but expressing yourself is very important, so we like to think of this song as us raising our voices anonymously at the people who make us mad as hell.”

“So Dry” is out today through Alcopop! Records and Family Mammal is available for pre-sale now in 'puppy-eye blue' coloured vinyl. Find Gaffa Tape Sandy on Facebook.