"Nomad" is a fine cut of machine-led pop that recalls the more psych moments in the back catagloue of Super Furries or The Maccabees - but with an epic, driving production.

The alter-ego of Nathan Moseley, Fwar cut his teeth as a member of Brolin’s live band and dropped his debut EP Sanctuary last year. As Fwar, Moseley "aims to make [his] synthesisers talk, seemingly trying to communicate with us despite their lack of worded language."

"'Nomad' is about the endless possibilities of what you can do with your life," Moseley tells us. "In particular, the options that the internet gives us for reinvention of the self with its vast array of information and opportunity to change both how you think and what you do.

"Despite being a generally positive song it also touches on the difficulties of having so much choice. I think having to make decisions with so much choice can lead to existential dread- after all, we have to take responsibility for our choices."

The drone throughout the track was inspired by "Do You Love Me?" by Lebanese band The Bendaly Family, who gained popularity after after a TV performance in the '70s. "Using a drone limits the possibilities of the melody and harmony," says Moselely, "it’s enjoyable to sing over - you can move all around it and it stays in place, calm and unwavering. As much as I enjoy the endless possibilities of life, like everyone at times I find them crippling. A drone helps with that."

"When recording the song I completed many other demo versions including a euro-pop influenced fist pumper and a heavily syncopated calypso groove. I eventually just got out the drum kit and bass guitar and hashed out a more psych rock feel. Afterwards I fussed over whether I’d made the right decision with it and had to give it to my friend Adam Martin to mix because I’d lost all perspective. Perhaps a subconscious attempt to back up my own lyrical content?"

The Absurd EP is released on 15 December via Kissability.