Singer/songwriter and producer FRANÇOIS continues his lively, electro-pop sound on "Young N Dumb", which sees him fuse uplifting electronica with harmony-driven vocals to emphasise the youthful tone of the track.

The bright, layered instrumentation emphasises the euphoric tone of the song, which elevates his nostalgia-driven lyrics reflecting on an adolescent love. FRANÇOIS sings, "Yeah you really stole my heart / If you wanna give it back then you know where I’m at / Feel my heart beat like a drum / Beat like a drum."

"Young N Dumb" will feature on FRANÇOIS’ new EP BE MINE. He says of the project, "This EP was written about reminiscing. It touches on some personal memories and some influence from watching the world go on around me. The whole EP was written over a few days and finished whilst spending some time recording in London. I hope people can feel touched and relate to the lyrics in ways that will feel personal to them."

"Young N Dumb" is out now. FRANÇOIS’ BE MINE EP will land via Silent Kid Records on 18 December. Follow FRANÇOIS on Instagram.