Recorded in the studios of The Tallest Man On Earth in Gagnef, and co-produced by Nicolas Vernhes in New York, Marathon may have a lot of air miles, but is sculpted entirely by the environment the band immerse themselves in. "Follow Me Home" is no different. Intense echoes and infectious refrains forge a track that's both fragile and resilient. A five minute venture along rich melodies, lingering refrains, and isolated lyrics, Francis present a pop sheer with an undercurrent of something a whole lot deeper. 

"Every song is basically about children, divorce or love. But there is also a political side of it," the band say of their forthcoming album. "We are all affected by the xenophobia that is going on in Europe. The title track is about red hearts, wanting to fight for something and naively hoping for something better. Hope for future generation’s benevolence to continue to fight for justice and gender equality. And love, simply, or lack thereof, and the frustration that comes with it."

"Follow Me Home" is released this Friday 30 October, whilst Marathon is released on 5 February via Strangers Candy.