Lung's take is almost a cappella, with only bassy strums, finger clicks, and sparse, bluesy notes accompanying the singer/songwriter's mesmerising voice. Lung's vocals are hushed and almost distorted, resting above a nest of 'ooh'-ed harmonies and semi-choral refrains - it's a beautiful take. Smog, led by Bill Callahan, released the original version on 2005 LP A River Ain't Too Much Love.

Torch Songs is a new campaign from the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) for International Men's Day. 

Huw Stephens is championing the campaign - speaking about Torch Songs, he says: “Music is a constant, a saviour in the world which is unique to everyone. We all know how much music means to us, and can help us sometimes. The artists involved, sharing their unique cover versions of their personal Torch Songs, are magnificent. The songs strike the right note; give you hope; remind you of the possibilities; remind you you're not alone. We launch Torch Songs with some spectacular talents sharing their intimate Torch Songs with us - it’s a great way to get people talking about talking.”

The Vaccines, Blaenavon, Years & Years, Frank Turner, and Twin Atlantic have already shared their contributions to the project. You can check all the tracks, plus behind-the-scenes content, on their YouTube page.

James Scroggs, CALM’s Chair and creator of Torch Songs, says of the project: "It’s normal for all of us to encounter tough times. We also know music is a universally powerful tool to lift the spirits. So we hope Torch Songs provides the inspiration men need to find a way through."

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