The Lewes-raised Sunday Best signing - real name Laurence Galpin - melts psychedelic pop with the natural splendour of fantastical folk on "Up Tomorrow". It's a breathtaking jaw-dropper that grabs you by the scruff of your neck and whips you into a new world - a world where the only company is the wind between the reeds. It's a thrill from beginning to end, and a rare work of pure escapism.

Immersed in "folk music of increasing obscurity" Galpin set off on a journey into the past to escape the hubbub of London living. It seems he's done just that, sauntering backwards into a time of disconnection and solace.

Andrew Phillips - of Ninja Tune's Grasscut - is Galpin's principal collaborator, and together they toy with texture, cinematic layers, and deep atmospheric shrouds.

Laucan has a couple of 2017 shows booked so far, including one later this month at London's The Vaults (29 January) and at Deershed Festival in the summer (21-23 July).

The Up Tomorrow EP is out 10 March via Sunday Best. The single is available now.