Despite FLOWVERS' youthful exuberance that runs amuck in and around the track's foundations, “She Don’t Talk About It” illustrates a band that are festival-ready. Frontman Matisse’s elegantly coarse vocal traipsing along an unforgettable riff carefully created, while the thumping yet intricate drums set up a stall for the musical backbone that carries it further into the indie-dance realm.

The band revealed: “'She Don’t Talk About It' was always a weird one for us. It came in as one of the first tracks we wrote as a band, but fell by the wayside. When we started working with Gethin he immediately took to it and he helped set a path to take it from the funky chords and small ideas we had. It all came as a great piece of quick inspiration and Matisse wrote most of the verses twenty minutes before we recorded it.’

Having secured support slots with Another Sky, Black Honey & more, it may be early for FLOWVERS, but the sky is most definitely the limit.

“She Don’t Talk About It” is out now. Find FLOWVERS on Instagram.