She effortlessly winds together metaphors of nature with anatomy in a similar style to Florence’s timeless debut of a similar name. Rather than leaning onto string arrangements and harp chords, FLØRE incorporates heavy synths and distorts her breathy vocal into almost dance-drop obscure.

“Heavy Lungs” is euphoric and charging, the production racing ahead with FLØRE's gentle voice safely in hand. There is a tribal and enchanting quality, reminiscent of contemporary pop provocateur AURORA along with original sister of the moon Stevie Nicks. The somber ending line has FLØRE confessing “I am not magnificent / The great winter taught me”.

“Heavy Lungs is the only song so far I wrote accapella, waiting at a train station,” says FLØRE. “I literally ran home to record it the whole night. When it was finished it felt like I’ve listened to the song for the first time, cause I haven’t thought about what I was doing.

“I literally waited years at home in my childhood room for my life to begin. Finally I feel ready to release what I‘ve worked on."

“Heavy Lungs” is out 25 January. Find FLØRE on Facebook.