"Motionless" is the third single to be taken from the band's fifth album, entitled Every Day It Feels Like I’m Dying... and in many ways is a track which is pretty deceiving. On the surface, it feels effortlessly joyful, with bouncing, jangling guitars and bright interludes of brass chirping in every now and then.

"I am addicted to my phone, news and constant media, as I think many people are. I'm working on it! Anyway, during the time of the inauguration in the US and the months following, the constant feed of bad news felt unbearable." Explains lead singer Nicole Yun of the track's origins, continuing "At that time, we had been working on instrumentals for this song. What formed was an intersection of grooves that broke new ground for us - winding and syncopated lines unlike some of the more straight ahead rhythms we have utilized in the past. The lyrics formed first around the word "motionless", a word that popped up during mumbles and made up sounds I sing when I write a vocal melody."

Yet, underneath the glossy exterior, it sees Yun go through the process of dealing with her frustrations of modern life, apparently working out the issues that linger in her mind in lyrical form, pondering on such questions as "How can I change my point of view to what's true?" - an allusion to the issue of 'fake news' and it's complex impact on society.

In her own words, Yun has explained the issues that sit at the heart of the track, saying "The lyrics then seemed to form from several feelings - the frustration due to a lack of control in a failing world, the desperation to know the exact truth despite a dishonest government or the contradicting stories in the media, and the earnest desire to do more for others without the exact knowledge of how. Despite this laundry list of murky and insecure feelings, 'Motionless' became a hopeful and joyous song, the opening track of the album, and one of which we are very proud.”

Through the act of dealing with the issues and opening up the conversation, Yun also offers up a glimmer of hope in the never-ending despair of it all, ultimately extending us all a helping hand and showing that really we're all in this together.

Every Day It Feels Like I’m Dying... will be released on 4 May via Nevado Music.