Watson is based in London and recently signed to Wolf Tone (Glass Animals, Rosie Lowe), and has turned a lot of heads with her sensational noir&B/electro offerings. There's only been a handful so far, but each time Watson steps out she impresses.

"Phantom" is a heartfelt track with endless emotion, buoyed by Watson's effortlessly brilliant voice and bass that'd make The xx shiver. It's dark and slightly sinister, with nebulous knots of melody tangled up with Watson's pitchshifted harmonies, and funeral-march percussion plodding along underneath.

Speaking about the track, Watson says: "The idea behind using the word 'phantom' as the title of the track is to put a name to a feeling that cant be described, but something you cant ignore."

Stream "Phantom" below, and hear previous single "Losing Any Sleep" after.