Eliza Shaddad comes from a family of over-achievers. She's got an MPhil in Philosophy, speaks four languages and on top of all that talent she also writes unnervingly poignant songs that possess a haunting darkness that will capture your attention.

"This Is My Cue" is a track that perfectly displays Shaddad's ability to write songs that achieve an almost mystical nature, where guitar riffs whirl in perpetual motion whilst her lyrics glint with a dark poeticism as she sings words that seem to emerge directly from her inner mind.

Listening to the song is akin to reading through a diaristic account of Shaddad's experiences as she goes through the motions of trying to muster up enough courage to leave her significant other and face up to the things that are making her unhappy. Explaining the track in her own words, Shaddad says that it is "literally what’s going round the inside of my brain in most relationships. This song is about freedom and anguish and trying to find the strength of mind to end things."

The song comes alongside the announcement of her highly-anticipated debut album, entitled Future, and if this is anything to go by, we are in for a real treat.

Future will be released on 26 October via Beatnik Creative.