"Swans" is a heady concoction, with super-smooth vocals and fingerclicks flitting about above a mercury-like melee of synths and melody. It's a jarring blend of contrasts - there's bright and buzzy shards bristling up against an abundance of slickness, with organic and synthetic elements working in tandem to plant earworms deep in your brain. The end is result is simply stunning.

White Kite's Louis Shadwick wrote and produced the track in the flat/studio he shares with bandmates and twins Tom and Will Dunning (guitars and bass respectively; drummer Andrew Wildgoose completes the lineup).

"['Swans'] is about trying to choose between two different kinds of love... how the grass always seems greener when desire takes over, and how you try to justify that weakness to yourself," Shadwick says of the song.

White Kite have two London dates in the diary this month - one at The Pickle Factory (19 January) and another at New Crush at The Victoria (25 January).

"Swans" is out via Ltd Ltd on 13 January.