Singer-songwriter Adam Cleaver, aka DYVR, released his debut single "Half Awake" at the beginning of this year. Cleaver's intense falsetto grabs you instantly, listening more closely to the lyrics, their pairing creates real emotional ressonance. In the same vein, and still influenced by his minimalist electronica contemporaries, such as SOHN and Active Child, "Viridian" dives deep again.

Specifically, "Viridian" sees Cleaver discuss self-harm, and particularly the effects this can on loved ones. He explains that “emotional landscapes can feel impossible to navigate. One of the most difficult things is finding the right way to speak about the issue, or whether to say anything at all. If there is a negative outcome, there is always a feeling that maybe you could have done more”.

Once again, Cleaver's falsetto is captivating as it takes centre stage. The track's refrain "this time I'll let you go" offers some familiarity, and in a way a sanctuary with its frequent repetition. With its minimalist looping production "Viridian" captures just a few moments, but moments which can feel like constants when considered in context.

"Viridian" is out 26 May via Veta Records.