Their newest track "manos ajenas (touch you every day)", which translates as "other people's hands touch you every day", is vibrant, exciting and utterly intoxicating in its sun-kissed magnetism. It's soaked in beautifully bright guitar riffs and a deep groove that will have you wanting to move and ultimately encourages the listener to free themself from any external baggage that may be weighing them down.

It sees lead singer Alex Chavez pose simple questions such as "¿Serás capaz de perdonar a quienes te han herido? / ¿Y alabar con tu cantar tus padres, tus queridos?" ("Are you capable of forgiving those who have hurt you?/ And of praising your parents, your dear ones with your sonorous voice?") and through his enriching vocals he applauds a message of compassion, love and forgiveness.

It's uplifting and further cements the band's reputation as experts in experimentation, bringing together influences that shouldn't work on paper, but through their expertise sound refreshingly new and unique.

Dos Santos' debut album Logos will be released this June via International Anthem.