The project’s latest album, Lost In The Pressure, showcases a number of electro-acoustic collaborative songs that intelligently blend live and electronic percussion. A swathe of instruments - from piano and cello, to guitars and found sounds - make for a densely-textured bed on which to place Isaiah Gage and Simone White’s ornate vocals.

The LA-based project now shares two tracks that wholly complement each other (“A Person To Hide With” / “Pattern Pieces”) as Thomas explains below:

“We liked the idea of not leading with one voice, since Simone and Isaiah each have a distinct sound. So it felt like a good solution to pair up two songs as a male/female couple. A Person to Hide With and Patten Pieces fit together nicely because musically they have more organic sounds and a bit of a groove yet contrasting tempos. And lyrically both songs portray an intimate, one-on-one conversation.”