Last September's "People Talk About Me" was a fiercely ominous cut from the striking Caulfield, laced with jarring melodies and this week he drops the more playful "Bullshit". It's a slow shuffle of a track driven by percussion and synths, with Caulfield's commanding vocal pulling it all together and a truly epic chorus, proclaiming, "you always called out my bullshit". Unknown Mortal Orchestra bassist Jake Portrait wrote and produced "People Talk About Me" and is also on production duties for "Bullshit".

"I wrote ‘Bullshit’ a few years ago during one of those bouts of socially active loneliness," Caulfield tells Best Fit. "I was in New York meeting a lot of people, but not feeling very close to anyone. And all that led me to missing an old relationship that I knew wasn’t any good for me.

"I didn’t miss all the drama and conflict, but I did miss how she would call me out on my bullshit. Everyone needs that sometimes."