The song's a windswept affair, shot through with Jai Paul-esque synth parps and sparse guitar, with downtempo fragments and Kill J's piercing vox warped and twisted throughout. "Lamp In The Dark" is remarkably assured, and points to a bright future.

Copenhagen-based producer Sekuoia says of the track: "The process was one of the most creative things I’ve done. Kill J had some really good input regarding the production, and I had a bit of input towards some vocal aspects. For me, she was the ideal collab."

Kill J adds: “It’s a song about being wanted, like a lamp in the dark. They would all flock around me to give me their love, and I didn’t want it. Now the tables have turned so I'm on the receiving end, and it’s agony – just waiting for my heart to grow cold”.

"Lamp In The Dark" is out now via Nowadays. Sekuoia's debut album is expected later this year.

Listen to "Lamp In The Dark" below.