A concoction of sounds and emotions, the new single from Dameer is an intricate soundscape of his South Asian heritage. The 18-year-old elegantly navigates between soft, warm-hued melodies and folk-tinged chants to uplift hazy auras. It's a sedating track, dripping in melancholia while providing everything the senses need. A calming single from a youthful artist raring to share his idyllic melodies with the world.

Of the track, Dameer explains that the song is “about growing up in a web of ulterior motives. It is about being stuck in an echo chamber, reverberating suppressed emotion from the '80s, modest dreams from the '90s and misplaced hope from the 2000s. All I want to do is to dive headfirst into the future. I hope this music invokes just enough nostalgia for the listener to reconcile with their past, and then never look back."

"Sun" is out today via Majestic Casual. Find Dameer on Facebook.