Initially written on piano in the living room of vocalist and lyricist Lucy Hill, "Storm" evolved under the touch of band producer Luke Hester, incorporating a hauntingly minimal arrangement to accompany Hill’s stunning voice.

Sharing tones with that of fellow soulful singer Jessie Ware, Hill’s performance is beautifully composed and impeccably controlled, channelling bittersweet emotion as she allows it to sweep and soar.

“It’s a song that feels truly us - I feel this comfort in it that I don’t think I’ve felt before,” shares Hill of how the track came to life. “I’ve been reading a tonne of poetry in the past year or so and that’s massively inspired me to step up in my writing. When you’re telling a story that’s important to you, each word has to count for something. I think that philosophy runs through everything we’ve created on this EP”.

"Storm" is available now. Dahlia Sleeps play London’s Omeara on 19 October.