These are the songs our editors and writers have on repeat right now, taken from the hundreds of tracks released in the last seven days. Leading the selection this week are three amazing cuts from Cryalot, Lil Silva and Ray Laurél.

New Music Discovery, 1 July 2022

Cryalot - "Hell Is Here"
Lil Silva - "Leave It"
daine - "sleepwalking"
Dreamer Boy - "HUES"
Melin Melyn - "Nefoedd yr Adar"
Sainte - "East"
Caroline & Claude - "IDK YOU"
poolblood - "twinkie"
Juan Azul - "Vampirillos"
glaive - "minnesota is a place that exists"
Peach Fuzz - "Hey Dood"
The Koreatown Oddity - "MISOPHONIA LOVE"
Claire Rosinkranz - "i'm too pretty for this"
Abby Sage - "Pool Party"
Lammping - "Desert on the Keel"
Lenii - "Already Famous"
Abbie Ozard - "Fizzy"
Willow Kayne - "White City"
Matilda Mann - "Hell"

Listen below or follow over on Spotify.