While initially sounding like something you’d expect from the Mad Hatter in Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, Cosmo Sheldrake’s debut single “The Moss” is a quirky slice of indie electronica.

Described as “an ode to nonsense for its own sake”, “The Moss” marks the debut single from the 24-year-old London-based composer and producer. Deeming him the newest paradYse records/Transgressive Records signee as talented is an understatement; Sheldrake can play more than 30 instruments. Nowhere is that more evident than on this single, which shifts seamlessly between an almost nautical-sounding synth line, bouncy bass lines an, oddly enough, a banjo.

Beginning slowly with an arresting concoction of Sheldrake’s vibrant vocals, keys and sweetly laid strings, the track soon descends into a maddeningly catchy choral assault. It’s certainly a breath of fresh air and is difficult to pigeon-hole in today’s musical climate – a piece of music where an extremely talented musician is simply enjoying his own eccentricity. It’s hard not to fall for its oddball character.

“The Moss” is released on 21 April.

Words: Jamie Cunningham