While the track may follow a conventional pop structure, “Young Milk” is in no way a pop track. Axel Møller Olsen’s melodic, prime punk vocals sit atop a bed of bruising guitars and understated drums, leading the track into fast-paced, electrifying territory. There is an experimental quality to the single, rap-style rhythms coming into play within the vocals to bring to life a rousing blend of genres and contagiously catchy melodies.

“Young Milk” has a slight retro undertone, particularly in the pre-chorus that has a glimmer of the '80s about it, but polished production and unwavering energy elevate the track further in the outro when the drums pick up and inject more driving power.

Discussing the new single, the duo remark with wit: “It’s about how I always loved to bake as a kid even though I sucked at it; and later coming to terms with the fact that I’ll never be a pastry chef.”

"Young Milk" is out now via Propeller Recordings. Find Company Ink on Facebook.