With a pure, souful voice matched to simple beats, there are parts of "Please" which feel almost retro in their approach to R&B. While this initially lets you focus in on 20-year-old Cherée's beautiful voice, there's a little more going on, and it reveals itself over repeated listens.

The singer explains that the track is "about me trying to reassure myself of my worth when I was really confused about my definition of love and lust - the whole EP is about me trying to un-blur the lines between the two. This song in particular shows the contradictions in my life at that point because I felt as though I knew that the absolute right thing would be to remove myself from a toxic situation and live in my strength and independence, but there was a part of me that still didn't want to be forgotten once I left. Like I wanted to hold on to it for some reason."

There's an electronic throb which transforms into a pitch-shifting snake of a synth line, insistent trap beats and a haunting ambience which nags alongside the ambiguity of the track's lyrics. Beginning with a plea of "don't forget me, please" it seems like Cherée is calling back an (almost) ex, the singer then switches, practically spitting out the lines "good luck finding another one like me" and "on your knees, beg me please, you know misery loves company". She's conflicted but slowly finding her inner strength, and it only adds depth to what's an already intriguing introduction to Cherée's world.

"Please", out tomorrow on all platforms, is taken from Cherée's debut EP which will be out 18 November via NightMoves.