Sitting somewhere between Chairlift and Anna of the North in terms of style, Chelsea Jade is no stranger to infectious pop music. Previous releases “Low Brow” and “Colour Sum” showcased different facets to her artistry, drawing on the romanticism of science alongside the stresses of relationships. Each track marries the magical with the seemingly mundane to create an endlessly intoxicating concoction.

“Life of the Party” confidently measures up to its predecessors, with Chelsea’s voice as hypnotic and beguiling as ever. It’s the most low-key of these recent releases, but manages to retain the style and magic of its older siblings with a soft swell of synths and the gentle nag of the percussion that drives it.

On Twitter, Chelsea mentioned that “Life of the Party” “hints at a larger body of work,” so we imagine there’s more to come very shortly from this enigmatic purveyor of pop perfection.

“Life of the Party” is out now.