Chaouche started making music as a response to traumatic experiences of her young adulthood, and describes her work’s overarching theme as "healing", a characteristic that is palpable in the track’s cocoon of overlaid voices – interwoven with reverb-laid piano, the atmosphere is warm and reassuring.

"Each song is dedicated to a memory or experience that has come from a negative source that’s ultimately been turned into a strength," says Chaouche. "It’s about letting go of bad shit and discovering beauty beyond my own experiences." This is reflected in “I’ll Lose My Head”, which builds from a tentative start to an almost celebratory wall of sound.

Signed to Late Night Tales’ artist imprint Night Time Stories, Chaouche is set to release her debut album in 2018, with more singles and live shows plotted throughout this year.

"I'll Lose My Head" is out 5 May.